New Tutorials

2009-05-27 07:20:38 by tudway

Just updated my site for the first time in ages, it got put to the back of the shelf until i'd finished some other projects.

So i give you some new tutorials!

The latest one is on bitmapdata and perlin noise and there is one coming out on friday which looks at detecting focus in the flash player.

I hope you find them helpful and i would appreciate some feedback. I'm open for suggestions on what tutorials you would would like so just leave a comment on the site and i'll see what i can do!


New Flash Experiment and Tutorial Website

2008-08-01 17:19:58 by tudway

Hi, I'm tudway a flash developer from england who made the game SteerWheels.

I have been making a website,, to help me remember the pieces of code that i often use and to keep them handy so that i can use them any time i need.

It includes some tutorials, my games and some experiments that i think are interesting.

If you want a tutorial on how to do one of the experiments, or if you have your own enquiry just leave a comment in any of the pages and i will get back to you and hopefully help!

The website is and i hope it helps!


one million views!!

2008-05-29 06:32:53 by tudway

My latest game, SteerWheels, just reached 1,000,000 views! look at its mochibot stats
This is incredible, my other games combined only made 20,000 views max. It has been out since the 11th of may and i thought the views were finally going to start to come down when it hit the agame network and got over 100,000 views in one day!

I've been working on SteerWheels 2 lately, in between exam revision, and it should be out mid june!

SteerWheels is finally released!

2008-05-12 12:24:19 by tudway


Drive around in this physics based game as you push a ball through several levels.

Play SteerWheels here!

Please review suggest ways in which it can be improved for a sequel.

SteerWheels is finally released!

Dravalanch released, play it!

2007-12-23 05:55:44 by tudway

This is Dravalanch, a game where you have to draw your way through 10 fun levels of pure avalanch mayhem!

Dravalanch released, play it!