one million views!!

2008-05-29 06:32:53 by tudway

My latest game, SteerWheels, just reached 1,000,000 views! look at its mochibot stats
This is incredible, my other games combined only made 20,000 views max. It has been out since the 11th of may and i thought the views were finally going to start to come down when it hit the agame network and got over 100,000 views in one day!

I've been working on SteerWheels 2 lately, in between exam revision, and it should be out mid june!


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2008-05-29 06:34:34

Wow. What sites did you upload it on?

tudway responds:

It's funny because i only uploaded it to my sponsors website (, newgrounds, kongregate and addicting games. It has spread like wildfire though, which is good, i'm glad i didn't sitelock the whole game!


2008-05-29 06:35:04

Oh wait. Nevermind. Top hosts report lists them.

All I can say is, congrats!


2008-05-29 07:20:50

to someone is uploaded, probably your sponsor by self.

tudway responds:

Yes, probably, he's been very helpful!


2008-05-29 15:36:28

I hate to sound like an asshole, but a combined total of 1 million views on 4 or 5 websites pales in comparison to 1 million views alone on one website; I'm not saying it all has to be on one, but to get 1 million views on a single website + any other views you might get on other websites is what is impressive.


2008-05-29 16:01:52

That doesn't mean the game is good


2008-05-29 18:16:32

1m of plays mean that game is have found own audience, and that is awesome. and get 1m overall is cool too. every portal has own audience, somewhere logic games are better then actions, somewhere actions better then TD. on NG movie is better that games.


2008-05-29 21:02:50

No, it doesn't mean it's found it's audience, it means it got a view, a million people could've hated the game, but they happened to click on it by mere happenstance. Flash Games aren't like budget video games either because you really don't have a lot of people recommending it, like media or friends, because it's a flash game.

It was a bad game.


2008-06-02 10:49:09

Thats awesome!!!!!! Here is some popcorn. (hands over popcorn.)

tudway responds:

Thanks, i guess:P