New Flash Experiment and Tutorial Website

2008-08-01 17:19:58 by tudway

Hi, I'm tudway a flash developer from england who made the game SteerWheels.

I have been making a website,, to help me remember the pieces of code that i often use and to keep them handy so that i can use them any time i need.

It includes some tutorials, my games and some experiments that i think are interesting.

If you want a tutorial on how to do one of the experiments, or if you have your own enquiry just leave a comment in any of the pages and i will get back to you and hopefully help!

The website is and i hope it helps!



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2008-08-01 22:04:19

Wow, thats awesome!
too bad I use as2..........

tudway responds:

I used as2 until christmas then i switched and as3 is so much faster.


2008-08-02 12:55:56

how is it faster?

tudway responds:

It is just extremely fast compared to AS2, you can have more things happening on the screen without it lagging, eg you can have 1000 animated sprites not lagging, where you could only probably have 100 in AS2. it really is a lot faster. ps-those are rough numbers.